$100 Special.  Mount TV's up to 50 inches, Bracket and Cable Management System included

LOGO_editedThe TechSquad installs flat screen TV’s and TV mounts. Wall mounted flat screen televisions really look great! Especially when they are mounted correctly.
It is vitally important to use a UL listed bracket properly sized for the TV, the correct bolts, and spacing. We are the area’s experts at hanging TV’s. We will properly center and level your TV, hide your video component cables, and install a new power outlet.
You want to hire an established company with a solid professional history of installing flat screen TV’s. The TechSquad is that company.
Hiding the wires is an important feature when installing a TV. It is important to use wires specifically listed for running through walls. NEVER put an extension cord inside a wall. Instead, have an outlet installed behind the TV.  We also install
a “Smart Tube” inside your wall for your cables so that your home is protected and you can always add additional cables as needed. A Smart Tube is essentially a tube that runs from behind your TV to behind where you equipment is stored (DVR, Cable Box, etc.).
We also install surround sound wiring, in-wall speakers, cable lines, HDMI cables, and network lines. We can fish your speaker lines through the walls to hard-to-reach locations, usually with little or no drywall damage. We can help you set up your dream system.

Flat Screen Wall Mounting by The TechSquad

Tired of your wires hanging. Cable Management Systems starting at $29.99