Virus Removal


Recently, Computer viruses have become a serious threat to business and home users of computers.  Every 2 seconds, someone will lose some important data, or even an entire hard drive because of a virus.

At The TechSquad, we thoroughly inspect every system and remove all infections without any damage to your data or programs.



This service includes:

* Cleaning of the system and registry files.
* No data will be loss in the process  (Pictures, Documents, music & video are all safe).
* Install and upgrade security modules for windows.
* Install Anti-Virus programs.


slow_computer_repair_service_americaSigns your system might be infected include:

Computer is running slow
Computer is restarting by itself
Computer is shutting down by itself
Operating System crashes
Pop Up messages
Blue Screen Of Death
Anti Virus programs can detect viruses but not delete them.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, give us a call.  We come to your home or office.  Most infected systems can be repaired in just a couple hours.